• PTO Meeting Highlights

    Math Curriculum PTO


    • Capitol Hill Math Curriculum Presentation by Ms. Waskosky (elementary) and Ms. Vang (middle school) and Ishmael Robinson (SPPS District Math Supervisor)
    • Principal Hodges Update (mission and vision mini-survey coming to families, Dale Street Bridge closure in January-fall, filling Ms. Waskosky 2nd grade teaching position, free and reduced lunch forms)
    • Treasurer Update (We need to raise $26K to hit direct drive goal. Teacher funding requests approved during meeting.)
    • Announcements (Membership Tookit - please sign up, Donate to Give to the Max, Contribute (with a meal or financially) to provide meals for teachers at conferences, Family Engineering Night on Dec 9 needs a chair)


    Meeting Details below!

    PTO Meeting
    November 11, 2019
    Red Cafeteria (blue atrium cafeteria)

    5:30 - 6:00 pm - Local restaurant Hoa Bien meal provided (everyone got some!)
    6:00 - 7:30 pm - PTO Business and Children’s Activities


    • Capitol Hill Math Curriculum Presentation by Ms. Waskosky (elementary) and Ms. Vang (middle school)
      • Following National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) ideas
      • Elementary has math talk, mini-lesson, flexible groups, closure. 
      • New methods encourage risk-taking, developing mathematics sense, not just memorizing a formula. Taking advantage of natural human inclination to seek out patterns and problem solve. Moving away from procedural calculations that Siri and calculators can do and embracing how mathematicians think.
      • youcubed site a resource
      • Families at the PTO meeting worked on...a math problem!
      • Old way of teaching math
        • Teacher provides direct instruction of a procedure.
        • Students practice with the teacher.
        • Students practice independently.
      • New way of teaching math
        • Students work independently or with peers
        • Students have to justify their work
        • Teacher instructs on the most efficient algorithm after students understand the concept
      • Math District Supervisor Ishmael Robinson spoke - this new way of thinking goes through elementary, middle, and high school. The old structure has been in place since 1976. We are updating how we do math.
    • Principal Hodges Update
      • Mini-survey on mission & vision: Work has been on-going with staff on vision and mission. Survey will be sent to families: what do you want to change, what are your hopes and dreams for CH?
      • Dale Street Bridge closure: Coming in January which will be disruptive to parent AM drop off. Change will go into the fall. Parent AM drop off will be where parent PM drop off is at MLK. Check Headliner for updates as this procedure is still being worked out. Cannot use Hallie Q Brown parking lot. Parent suggestions that the pick up drop off procedures be translated into different languages and the school make traffic flow maps.
      • Filling 2nd grade teacher position (Ms. Waskosky leaving): Ms. W is going to be a math specialist for the district after teaching at Capitol Hill for 30 years. Have started receiving candidates.
      • 77% of families have filled out free and reduced lunch forms. Ideally, all Capitol Hill families would fill these out as the percentage of families who qualify for free and reduced lunch makes the school eligible for significant Title 1 funding and compensatory aid. We are currently at 41.3% qualifying for free and reduced lunch, but the threshold to receive Title 1 funding moves every year based on what is happening across the district. Number is down across the district.
    • Treasurer Update
      • Budget Update: Budget Summary
        • We still need to raise $26K to hit our direct drive target
        • Most banking apps allow you to set up an automatic donation to the PTO
        • PTO does not take any direct credit numbers - maybe GiveMN would 
        • Apex Fun Run is in the Spring - we hope to collect ~$36K
        • Book Fair brought in $5K worth of books
      • Teacher Requests - invited teachers to make requests. Anything above $500 comes to the the All School PTO for a vote after being reviewed by PTO Board and Principal Hodges. Recommendations below are by PTO board and Principal Hodges. The values used to evaluate include thinking about how many kids can be reached (as opposed to funding one class room). Funds below mostly not able to be secured by district. For example, all field trip funds come from PTO - no district funding for field trips. In SPPS, Principal can’t buy furniture even though it can facilitate learning. There is a larger staff discussion about how to purchase furniture equitably across staff members. Board will look at funding some of these permanently (like Voice, Choice, Joy Day). The vote followed the PTO Board and Principal Hodges recommendations:
        • Starr (Enrichment Clusters): Funding
        • Starr (Voice, Choice, Joy Day): Funding
        • Johnson & Bannon (headphones): Funding ½ headphones
        • Downs (Battle of the Books): Funding
        • Locke (flexible seating): Table
        • Brzinski (bus): Funding
      • What should our minimum balance be? Discussion at future meeting.
    • Announcements 
      • Membership Toolkit - Sign up for emailed PTO news (including grade level rep events) and directory access.
      • Give to the Max - Donate! We still need to raise $26K to meet our direct drive goal.
      • Donate/buy/cook/bake meals for teachers. Meal sign-up here! Or PayPal to PTO Co-Chair Leslie, and she will buy food at Costo for teachers.
      • Family Engineering Night is on December 9th. We need a chair for this event!
      • Please read Headliner - the info appears right in your email (no need to click) and the information is curated to be relevant. Old headliners here.
    • Volunteer Fair (Blue Atrium) - Sadly we ran out of time for the fair. Please fill out this volunteer form so we can match you with our many volunteer needs, both big and small.