November: How do things fly?

How do things fly intro page
  • November's Inquiry At Home Challege focuses on exploring the question of how things fly.  We see different things flying in different ways, but how do they do it?  After you explore the question, use what you learn to help Batman or Batgirl build a device to help them fly!

    For this month's Inquiry At Home challenge you will be given a bag of materials to get started, but may use other materials as well.  It is your job to learn about how different things fly in different ways.  Then use that information to design and build a flying device to help Batman or Batgirl fly through the air.  Bring your device in to the makerspace where we will test how far it flies, and how long it stays in the air.  Bonus points will also be given for creative designs, and designs that keep Batman or Batgirl safe.  

Resources to explore

How do birds fly?

How do planes fly?

How do kites and parachutes work?