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Who We Are & What We Do

  • The Office of Educational Technology (OET) leads staff, students and families to learn, discover, and engage in the digital age. OET is directly responsible for the oversight of the District’s personalized learning initiative, libraries, digital curriculum, online learning, alternative education, student information systems and learning management systems.

    OET works with other departments in support of reaching the long-term student outcomes of SPPS Achieves. OET coordinates the development and delivery of training solutions to improve the understanding of technology concepts, as well as consult on best practices for instructional and non-instructional uses of technology. OET innovates and accelerates student learning opportunities within regular, extended and summer learning programs.

    OET also works with staff to understand technology needs, coordinate and mentor staff to pilot programs to investigate new technologies and functionalities and promote technology adoption and training that works to meet District needs. Working in concert with other technology and academic departments, OET will provide leadership and guidance in the selection and adoption of various technologies and strategies to enhance physical and virtual classroom environments and facilitate the use of technologies in business and office settings to enhance productivity.

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    Office of Educational Technology
    1930 Como Avenue
    Saint Paul, MN 55108
    Telephone: (651) 767-8240
    Hans Ott
    Executive Director
    Office of Educational Technology