Zuki Ellis joined the Board in 2016. She and her husband, Greg, live in the Midway area with their three sons, the youngest of whom attends Saint Paul Public Schools. A longtime supporter of SPPS, Zuki attended and graduated from Webster Magnet and Highland Park Middle & Senior High Schools. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, reading, and discovering the world through the eyes of her youngest son. In addition to serving as a member of the Board, Zuki is a Parent Trainer with the National Parent Teacher Home Visits program. She believes the pressing concerns for the upcoming year are Special Education, parent understanding of the process, partnerships that exist in the best interests of our students, and the legal and moral responsibilities to support our students. She is also excited for SEAB and the Board to work together on district-wide issues. As a lifelong citizen of Saint Paul, she wants to give back, support, challenge, fight for, and lead the community that has helped to raise and shape her life, as well as the lives of all the students of the district.




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