• Mrs. Sandy’s Science Corner                                 

    November 2019

    Welcome to Science in Room 1103! 

    The school year is humming along and I have met with nearly all the students. Here at Cherokee we move students through three-week rotations with the specialists. We have worked hard to build community in the science classroom, as well as learn how to stay safe while we do experiments. Please take time to ask your students about the scientific process, and also what the difference between science and engineering is!


    What will be happening in the next couple of rotations?

    • Continuing to review safety and classroom procedures.
    • E1: Investigations with Rocks and Minerals.  


      • Rocks are made of one or more minerals.
      • Rocks can be sorted or classified by their physical properties.
    • E2 and 4th: Magnetism and Electricity.


      • Magnets can attract and repel each other and can be made using electricity. 
      • Insulators and conductors can slow or allow the transfer of energy--heat and electrical.
      • Electricity has a current and flows through a closed circuit and does not flow in an open circuit.
    • 5th: Experimental Design


      • Scientific questions can be answered through different types of investigations.
      • In an experiment one thing is changed, some things are kept the same, and something is measured for data.
      • Sometimes experiments are fair, sometimes they are not.


    Ask your student what he/she did in science today -- we are all about curiosity, experience and new learning.

    Here are a few great websites to check out if your child wants to learn more:


    • A child-safe site with facts and quizzes about rocks and minerals. 


    • An educational site with ideas for electricity experiments.


    • A good example of an experiment from start to finish.


    Come and visit us! You are most welcome to visit the classroom anytime. Please email me at alicia.sandy@spps.org or call the office at (651) 293-8610 to schedule a time to come in and visit or meet with me for any reason. My school hours are typically 10:50 am-2:10 pm; I am happy to meet before or after that time to accommodate your schedule. Parents and teachers are partners on this educational journey -- please keep in touch!



    Mrs. Sandy