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    January 2020

    Science updates from Room 1103


    Happy New Year! As you may remember, here at Cherokee we move students through three-week rotations with the specialists. At this time, we are splitting the E1 classes into two groups: first years together and second/third years together. Some of their science time will be spent in Technology/Maker Space with Ms. McConely. This will make the class sizes smaller and give us the opportunity to meet more students’ needs. We are very excited for this change and are enjoying creating science and technology lessons that overlap.


    What will be happening in the next couple of rotations?

    • E1
      • Investigations with Rocks and Minerals.  

    BIG IDEAS for 2nd and 3rd years:

        • Rocks are made of one or more minerals.
        • Rocks can be sorted or classified by their physical properties.
      • Investigations with Balance and Motion.

    BIG IDEAS for 1st years:

        • Objects can be balanced in many ways.
        • Counterweights can help balance an object and change how it’s balanced.
        • A stable position is one that is steady; the shape is not falling over.
    • E2 and 4th:
      • An electric circuit is a pathway along which electricity flows.
      • A circuit with only one pathway for current flow is a series circuit. 
      • A circuit that splits into two or more pathways before coming together at the battery  is a parallel circuit.
      • Electromagnetism is magnetism created by current flowing through a conductor.
      • Electromagnets can be turned off and on, and their strength can be varied.
      •  Magnetism and Electricity.
    • 5th
      • Experimental Design


    • Scientific questions can be answered through different types of investigations.
    • In an experiment one thing is changed, some things are kept the same, and something is measured for data.
    • Sometimes experiments are fair, sometimes they are not.

    • Ask your student what he/she did in science today -- we are all about curiosity, experience and new learning.

      Here are a few great websites to check out if your child wants to learn more:


      • A child-safe site with facts and quizzes about rocks and minerals. 


      • An educational site with ideas for electricity experiments.


      • A good example of an experiment from start to finish.

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      Mrs. Sandy