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  • On December 1, 2021, the Board of Education voted to approve Envision SPPS with some changes to the original recommendations; the votes were 5 yes votes and 2 no votes.

    With this vote the following changes will take place (see Board of Education presentation):

    At the end of school year 2021-22:

    • Cherokee Heights Montessori program relocates and merges at J.J. Hill Montessori and Cherokee Heights reopens as a community school.

      • J.J. Hill Montessori relocates to the Obama site once remodeling is complete either fall 2024 or fall 2025 

    • Galtier Elementary School closes and merges at Hamline.

    • John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary closes and merges at Bruce Vento.

    • Jackson Preparatory Elementary School community program closes and merges at Maxfield.

    • Jackson Preparatory Elementary School Hmong Language merges at Phalen Lake.

    • L’Etoile du Nord French Immersion (LNFI) lower relocates to upper campus to merge with the LNFI upper campus; starting fall 2022, grades PreK-1 will be at the upper campus located at 1760 Ames Place where all PreK-5 grades will be housed; Early Childhood Hub East will open at the lower campus site for Pre-K, ECSE and ECFE.

    • Parkway Montessori and Community Middle School closes and reopens as the Hmong Language Immersion and Culture Program upper campus (to Phalen Lake’s lower campus).

    • Riverview West Side School of Excellence community program closes and merges at Cherokee; NOTE: The Riverview Spanish Immersion Program remains open and is NOT closing 

    At the end of school year 2022-23: 

    • Barack and Michelle Obama Elementary will close.

    At the start of school year 2025-26:

    • Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented’s enrollment pathway will be expanded from Highland Park High School to other high schools so that students can attend their community high schools. 

    Please note the approved plan includes the following changes to the original recommendations:

    • Highwood Hills Elementary will not close and will remain open due to the neighborhood’s geographic isolation.

    • Wellstone Spanish Dual Immersion and BioSmart programs will remain open due to that site currently having a sustainable student enrollment size. 

    • LEAP High School will not close to assess how to make this unique program more sustainable and financially aligned to its small student enrollment. 



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