Furniture: Purchasing, Repurposing and Delivery

  • The Facilities Department’s Furniture and Move Shop provides the best products at the best value to all of our students. That's why when a table, chair or other piece of furniture is broken or out of date, it is fixed, refurbished and--if it meets high standards--it is reissued for use at another site. 

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    Furniture repurposing and replacement

    Furniture purchasing and delivery


    • Improve student achievement across the board.
    • Respond accordingly to any furniture related concern so SPPS stakeholders have more time to focus on education issues.
    • Supply furniture at the lowest possible cost to SPPS stakeholders.
    • Supply furniture when it is needed the most to maximize the usage of current SPPS furniture resources.
    • Extend the useful life of all SPPS furniture assets.
    • Salvage usable parts for furniture repair or modification and to reduce replacement costs.
    • Recycle unusable or damaged furniture resources to help reduce SPPS solid waste disposal costs.

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