Downtown School (Juvenile Detention Center)

  • The Downtown School is part of the Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS). Following a court appearance, any resident remaining is enrolled. Depending on each student's personal situation, it is our goal to academically support their efforts to . . .

    Catch-up, Keep-up, Move-up!

About the Downtown School

  • School Life

  • Transitioning in and out of the Juvenile Detention Center

  • Returning to your home school

  • Path to Graduation

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • All school documents can be translated. Interpreters are made available upon request or go to:

    Spanish- Todos los documentos escolares se pueden traducir. Intérpretes disponibles a pedido o visite:

    Somali- Dhammaan dukumiintiyada dugsiga waa la turjumi karaa. Turjubaano ayaa la diyaariyay markay codsadaan ama tag:

    Hmong- Txhua cov ntaub ntawv tuaj yeem txhais tau. Neeg txhais lus tsim muaj thaum thov lossis mus rau:

    Vietnamese- Tất cả các tài liệu của trường đều có thể được dịch. Thông dịch viên được cung cấp theo yêu cầu hoặc truy cập:

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