Furniture Purchasing and Delivery

  • The Facilities Department’s Furniture & Move Shop processes all purchase orders for schools or programs wanting to buy furniture. Requests for new or repurposed furniture are made only after a site-based discussion between the building administrator and head engineer.

    Once it is determined that all of the site’s existing furniture resources have been checked, the head engineer will fill out and submit a request for any furniture needed for that building.

    The furniture delivered may be new or used, locking or non-locking, and may be of different styles or colors depending on the current availability of the item(s) requested. However, all of the furniture supplied will be appropriate for the intended use. The criteria given when submitting the request will help determine the appropriate furniture for the request.

    If repurposed furniture is not available, a decision about purchasing new furniture will be made and the head engineer will be notified of the decision and will complete the following procedure:

    1. Refer to the Standard District Furniture Catalogue (7/31/20) to select the new furniture.

    2. Complete the New Furniture Purchasing Form.

    3. Be sure to provide a valid budget code as this will be needed to place the order.

    4. Specify the location where you want the furniture to be the delivered on the form. The furniture can either be delivered directly to your site or to the Furniture & Move Shop which will then deliver the furniture to your site.

    5. Delivery time is approximately 45 days from the date the order is received by the Furniture & Move Shop.

    6. If you need a non-standard item or have questions, please contact:

    Sue Sevlie
    Space Planner-Furniture Move Coordinator