Family Support for Distance Learning

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    Distance learning requires the full cooperation of students, teachers, staff and families to make this instruction meaningful and in compliance with the expectations of Minnesota statutes. Families are asked to support the district by: 

    Absences and Illnesses

    • If your child is sick and unable to complete their Distance Learning activities, a parent/guardian must still call the school attendance line to report an absence.

    Preparing for an Extended Closure

    • I am prepared to help my child email teachers with any questions about their assignments.
    • I am signed up with a parent account in Schoology / Seesaw so I have access to my child’s courses.  

    During an Extended Closure

    • I will review the Distance Learning Checklist for Secondary / Elementary provided by the teacher.
    • I will help my child with Distance Learning assignments if they need help.
    • I will remind my child to complete Distance Learning assignments.
    • I will support my child in the safekeeping and charging of the iPad.
    • If I or my child have a question or difficulty accessing distance learning materials from my child’s teacher, I will email my student’s teacher.
    • I will watch the video with my student: How to be Safe and Care for your iPad 

    After an Extended Closure

    • If needed, I will ask my child how the teacher followed up with them on the work that was completed.
    • I understand that I can check on daily assignments in Schoology/Seesaw

    I will contact the teacher with any questions I have about the assignments my child did during distance learning.