• PL Kids New Families in Saint Paul Public Schools:

    The District intends to provide instruction, technology (iPads) and support for WiFi access to students in all affected grades K-12. This page supports new families with information and resources for iPads during Distance Learning.
    ● Instruction will be accomplished through the use of online learning tools and District-issued iPads.
    ● iPads will be provided to all students K-12.
    ● WiFi for families without WiFI will be supported by checking out hotspots and through partnerships, like Comcast.

    iPads are part of the district's Personalized Learning instructional strategy that tailors teaching and learning to Saint Paul Public School’s diverse student body. Through Personalized Learning:

    • Teachers have access to resources that support rich, rigorous instruction aligned to district standards while nurturing individual learning styles.
    • Students have multiple ways to access information, think critically and demonstrate what they've learned.
    • Student voice and choice is integral to student engagement and the classroom experience. With Personalized Learning, students are taught how to advocate and take responsibility for their learning.

FAQ Distance Learning Resources:

  • iPads for new SPPS students

  • Campus Parent

  • Seesaw (PreK -2)

  • Schoology (Grades 3 - 12)

  • iPad Help

  • Digital Citizenship for SPPS Students

  • SPPS iPad Settings and Security

  • Additional Resources:

SPPS iPad Handbook

  • Student Progress Monitor Student Progress SPPS encourages parents and guardians to use the iPad to monitor their child’s academic progress and communicate electronically with their child’s teacher(s). Ask your students to show you what they have learned and created with the iPad, and discuss how they use the device in school. 




    Campus Campus Mobile Portal and Schoology Mobile Apps
    Parents and guardians can use the Campus Mobile Portal or Schoology app installed on the iPad to view their child’s grades, attendance, and upcoming assignments. This year SPPS is transitioning to using Schoology as a tool to house course materials, support communication, and record grades. Grade information may not be available to parents of elementary school children through these apps. 



    email Email Communications
    Parents may also use the Safari browser app to log in to their personal email account to send emails to their child’s teacher(s). Parents and guardians should not add a personal email account to the iPad’s built-in Mail app because personal emails may be visible to anyone who accesses the device. 




    iPad Tips Basic iPad Tips
    The Department of Personalized Learning has some tips on how to use the iPad.





    iPad Care iPad Care and Proper Use

    • Always keep the iPad in the case.
      • Keep keyboard attached to case unless necessary for photographing or similar activity.
      • Close keyboard cover and carry with two hands- clutched to chest, carry like a book, or zip securely into a backpack.
      • Walk with your iPad and do not carry iPad inside folder or trapper keeper.
      • Keep away from water or a heat source and do not leave in a cold or hot car.