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    The first week of SPPS Distance Learning, April 6-10, will be treated similar to the first week of regular school.

    SPPS understands the hardship these unusual circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have on students, families and staff -- and recognize it will almost be a month since SPPS students were last in school. We also recognize that students are returning to school in a new learning environment.

    On Monday, April 6, SPPS will begin our Asynchronous Distance Learning (any time distance learning) program for all students.

    Asynchronous Distance Learning (any time distance learning) happens when a teacher and a student interact with learning activities in different places and at different times. Students enrolled in asynchronous distance learning courses are allowed to complete their work any time of the day that works best for a student and their family.

    This style of Distance Learning gives students and families the most flexibility. We believe given the current circumstances this is the best way to launch SPPS Distance Learning.

    Each school will determine common Distance Learning grading practices, and develop a timeline for student workflow to be used by all teachers at their school.

    School expectations for the first week of Distance Learning will be clearly communicated to students, families and staff in the coming days, if it has not already been. More detailed information will be shared with families by their child’s principal and teachers.


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