Grading During Distance Learning

  • NEW! Grading Update for Seniors
    We are sharing an update for final grades for seniors. In order to honor our shared belief that ALL seniors must be held harmless for circumstances out of their control, and the Governor’s directive to go to Distance Learning should not impact any student's pathway to graduation, all seniors will receive a P (Pass) grade, at a minimum, for fourth quarter. 
    This means, seniors who would have received a letter grade of D+ or lower will now receive a P (Pass) for fourth quarter. No NP (No Pass) grades will be assigned. We will continue with the plan to use letter grades for A+ through C- student work.
    Transcripts will indicate distance learning during third and fourth quarters. The grade mark of P (Pass) is grade point average (GPA) neutral. 
    Students who transfer out of SPPS prior to mid-quarter on May 11, 2020 will show no record, those transferring after May 11 will receive a P (Pass) grade for fourth quarter.
    Please Note: Additional guidance for grades 6-11 will be communicated in the coming days. Families will receive information about grading next week. 
    Dr. George Nolan

    Dear Saint Paul Public Schools family,

    Due to Governor Tim Walz’s executive order to close Minnesota schools as a way to help slow the spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), we lost the last couple weeks of instructional days for students in the third quarter.

    The last day students were in school was Monday, March 9, and students will not return to school before the end of the third quarter. Because of this, students do not have the opportunity to receive additional instruction or support, turn in assignments, receive feedback or participate in end-of-quarter assessments.

    An adjustment was made to third and fourth quarter grading to address this situation.

    Third Quarter Grades

    • The third and fourth quarters will be seen as a full semester for grading purposes. ​The grade a student receives in the fourth quarter will also be the grade they receive in the third quarter for that course.

    • Students who receive a No Pass (NP) grade in fourth quarter will receive a Pass (P) grade in third quarter for that class.

    • Students who transferred out of SPPS as of March 10 will receive Pass (P) grade for the third quarter.

    Fourth Quarter Grades

    • SPPS will maintain the current fourth quarter time period for the 2019-20 school calendar

    • The grading scale used for 9-12 courses will be A to C-, P (Pass) and NP (No Pass).

    • A student’s fourth quarter grade will be entered in Campus as their third quarter grade for that same course.

    • Students who receive a No Pass (NP) grade fourth quarter will receive a Pass (P) grade in the third quarter for that course. A​ grade of Pass (P) or No Pass (NP) is GPA neutral; it does not impact a student’s GPA positively or negatively.

    We believe this plan is student-centered and equitable. This plan holds all students harmless for these unforeseen circumstances that are beyond their control. This plan also gives teachers time to focus their efforts on preparing for a new Distance Learning environment, so we are ready to begin Distance Learning on Monday, April 6.

    This plan allows us to move forward and work toward a strong fourth quarter, rather than looking back on a quarter that ended unexpectedly. It takes into account circumstances and programs where letter grades are required and/or preferred such as NCAA, concurrent enrollment and articulated credit.

    If you have questions, please contact your child’s counselor.

    Thank you for supporting your child and Saint Paul Public Schools. We appreciate your patience and flexibility during these uncertain times.