E-Timesheet Info

  • IMPORTANT:  If you complete e-timesheets, there can be a delay in receiving your email confirmation whever the district e-mail system is experiencing issues.   If you don't get your e-timesheet submittal confirmation right way, please do not submit a second e-timesheet.   When  confirmation email delays occur, it is only the email that has been delayed, your e-timesheet would still have been received.  

    Payroll can only pay people when their hours worked (or absent) are reported to payroll.   If you had been completing a paper timesheet and have been instructed to start completing the e-timesheet, you MUST complete one in order for payroll to know you are still an active employee and pay you.  Hourly employees who are not working, or working reduced hours due to no work available, you must still submit a timesheet to report that.  The e-timesheet has an option to select for hours not worked because no work was available.  The requirement to complete a timesheet to be paid has not changed.


    Who Must Complete an e-timesheet:

    Not every employee will use the e-timesheet.  Schools who are in the hybrid model (stage 1,2,etc), and any employees who completed paper timesheets (pre-COVID) complete the e-timesheet.  Employees (not at a school that has transitioned to hybrid or in person) whose hours are typically reported on a building register will continue to have their hours reported that way at this time.  This means school clerks will continue to complete the normal teacher register, reporting teacher absences as has always been done.  The register is still due at the end of each pay period.  In addition, employees who complete special timesheets (such as trades and custodians) will continue to report their time on their typical paper timesheet, on the normal pay period due dates. 

    Overview of the e-timesheet process:

    1. Employees will enter their hours on the e-timesheet each Friday. They receive a confirmation e-mail that summarizes what they submitted.
    2. Everything submitted by employees is compiled by payroll and a report is e-mailed to each supervisor on Monday. (For schools, the building clerk will also receive this emailed reported.)
    3. Supervisors will review and approve or indicate changes for payroll via email. Payroll needs approvals by end of day on Tuesday.  
    4. Payroll will enter the approved hours to be paid. Actual pay dates continue to follow the normal payroll schedule.

    Accessing the new e-timesheet:

    • The e-timesheet is available in PeopleSoft Self Service. Step-by-step instructions are available on the payroll website under the Employee Help Sheets  In addition, employees can view a new video tutorial of how to use the e-timesheet.
    • If employees need assistance logging on to Self Service or resetting their password, they should review the password reset instructions and tutorial which is also listed on the Employee Help Sheets
    • The e-timesheet can easily be done from a tablet or cell phone. While logging in to PeopleSoft and navigating to the form is not very “mobile friendly”, the actual e-timesheet is mobile-friendly.  So it should not be difficult for employees without a computer to still report their hours using the e-timesheet.

    Completing the new e-timesheet:

    • The e-timesheet is due EACH FRIDAY for hours worked or absent that week. (This is a significant change from previous practice where paper timesheets were previously due at the end of each pay period.)
    • For the week of spring break, teachers, EAs, and TAs who are paid for spring break without using vacation time do not need to submit and e-timesheet for spring break week unless they actually worked that week (for example if they worked at one of the Emergency Kids Care sites). Clerical employee, School & Community Service Professionals, and 12-month staff who are required to either work or use vacation during spring break should complete the e-timesheet for spring break week.
    • If you are not working your full hours because there is not work for you, list those unworked hours on your timesheet using the reason code “no work available”
    • If you normally work at multiple buildings, put all of your hours on one timesheet. You do not need to do a separate e-timesheet for each location.
    • If you will be out on a Friday, you can enter your e-timesheet the day before on Thursday (or do it on Saturday or Sunday). The time data is pulled Monday morning for supervisors to approve, so if your e-timesheet is not submitted before Monday morning at 6am, it may not be included in that data pull and not received by payroll in the batch to be paid. Remember payroll does not have the ability to print off cycle checks while working remotely.
    • When adding hours into the e-timesheet add a row and select the date.  Add all information required on that row before creating a new row for the next date.  (Adding multiple rows prior to completing the info in each row will result in an error.)
    • The e-timesheet does include a dropdown list of typical absence reasons including personal time, vacation, bereavement, and sick leave. Additional reasons have been added to accommodate COVID-19 related absences, however if employees are absent for a COVID-19 related reason, they must also initially complete the COVID-19 leave form as required by Benefits.  Additional leave information is  available on the Benefits website and the district’s COVID-19 homepage.) 
    • When employees submit their hours, they will receive a confirmation e-mail summarizing what they’ve submitted. They are instructed to retain that copy for their records.
    • If an employee needs to make a change to what has been submitted, they should not complete a second e-timesheet. They should forward their confirmation e-mail to their supervisor/principal explaining what changes they are requesting.  The supervisor/principal will forward that email approving the requested changes to payroll@spps.org.
    • It is important that employees the hours they submit. Payroll does not currently have the ability to print off cycle checks so any requested corrections may be delayed to the following paycheck if they aren’t received timely.
    • Paydays still follow the published payroll schedule. The change to weekly due dates does not change when the hours for each week are paid.   

    Reporting edits/changes to an e-timesheet:

    If an employee realizes they made a mistake on something they’ve submitted, they should not complete a second e-timesheet. They should forward their confirmation e-mail to their supervisor/principal explaining what changes they are requesting.  The supervisor/principal will forward that email approving the requested changes to payroll@spps.org

    If an employee notices the supervisor listed on their e-timesheet is incorrect, they should  still submit the timesheet, but forward their confirmation email to payroll@spps.org noting who their correct supervisor is.

     If a manager indentifes necessary corrections when reviewing employees time they should do one of the following:

    • If there are just one or two changes, indicate those in an email to payroll@spps.org.  Include the employee’s ID and name as it is listed on the report.
    • If there are several changes, complete the “Timesheet Adjustment Form” to submit all changes at once, in a more organized manner.

    Common Mistakes:

    Here are the most common errors people experience, so this informationcan help you avoid them:

    • If you add all of your date rows before entering the information for each date you will receive an error about an “invalid date”. You will need to back out of the form, and start again.  Then, when adding each day into the e-timesheet, make sure you complete the information on the row for that date before adding another row for the next date.
    • If you leave fields blank and try to submit the e-timesheet, you will get an error.
    • If you try to enter future dates more than 1 day in advance when reporting “present”, you will get an error. This includes present working remotely options.  Only absence reasons can be submitted ahead of time, to accommodate leaves of absence or extended days off (such as winter/spring break).

    Summary of Time Reporting Methods:

    1. Building Registers – Used to report classroom teachers and principals’ time, as has always been done. It is due to payroll on the Monday immediately following payday as usual.
    2. Paper Timesheets – Used by trades, security staff, and custodians who have custom timesheets and do not use the standard or multi-building one to report their time. It continues to be due to payroll on the Monday immediately following payday as has always been done. 
    3. Supplemental & Hourly Pay Forms – For any temporary employees including rehired retirees, they should continue to report time using the supplemental pay form that they have always used. A budget code is needed on that form to be able to pay temporary employees.  NEW – hourly (non-contracted) teachers can use the teacher supplemental e-form to report hours worked.  They will use the “general assignment” option in the drop down and payroll will manually adjust their pay rate accordingly.
    4. E-Timesheet – Used by any employee that traditionally completes either the standard timesheet or the multi-building timesheet. This includes EAs, TAs, nutrition services, school & community service professionals, multi-building teachers, nurses, clerical and technical staff, etc.  The e-timesheet is due WEEKLY, each Friday for that week