Assessing and Adjusting Our Distance Learning Plan

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    SPPS has charged a District Learning Steering Committee with monitoring the implementation of our Distance Learning plan. Members include the Chief of Academics, Chief of Schools, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Executive Director of Digital and Alternative Education, Director of Communications, the Director of Research, Evaluation, and Assessment, and the Assistant Director for Strategic Planning and Project management. This group has been meeting three times a week to receive reports and address issues for three phases of planning: 

    Phase 1: Access to iPads and Wifi & determining technical support for devices

    Phase 2: Developing capacity of all staff using Distance Learning tools and resources.

    Phase 3: Defining Distance Learning instructional models and developing the capacity of staff to be successful and students to be ready.

    Our indicators of success in implementing Phases 1 and 2 include: 

    • The number of students with access to iPad and internet technology 
    • How well technology systems are adjusting to the increase in demand 
    • Staff responses to a survey on readiness for Distance Learning Instruction 
    • The participation of staff in Distance Learning professional development
    • The number of meals served and if the demand is being met
    • The number of children enrolled in Essential Kids Care and if the demand is being met

    Phase 3 indicators include:

    • Student attendance data
    • Teacher and student learning platform (Seesaw and Schoology) staff, student, and family usage data
    • Library of SPPS Distance Learning lesson resources available


    Information gathered thus far demonstrates an impressive level of success, built on the efforts of every employee in the District. For example, 99% of our over 36,000 students have been provided with iPads, and we are supplying meals to more than 40,000 students. We are confident that we are ready to provide rigorous and equitable Distance Learning experiences for all students in the weeks to come. We also know that the scope of this transition has been unprecedented and we will continue to listen to feedback from our community and adjust or revamp as we learn with them.