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    Submit Your #SPPSinitTogether Distance Learning Story

    The Office of Communications is launching a campaign called #SPPSinitTogether highlighting the positive work our educators are doing with Distance Learning in light of our COVID-19 Response Plan. This campaign will be used on social media and featured on our website -- and we need your help.

    We are looking for school leaders to share student success stories with us to be featured in the campaign. We are looking for a couple sentences or paragraphs about the achievement, the names of student(s) and staff involved and a photo or short video.

    Our intent is to capture postive ways SPPS is reaching out to students and families across the district in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note this does not have to be something students or staff were recognized for.

    These are messages that touch the heart, show innovation in distance learning, offer a glimpse of what distance learning looks like for different educators and families, and ways we support our students and their families every day. These messages can showcase work from all staff, not just teachers. The more perspectives we can show how we're supporting, and being supported by our community, the better.

    As you consider what you’d like us to promote, please look for ideas that:

    • Are positive and heartwarming
    • Show innovation in distance learning
    • Show how we are engaging with our students, families and community
    • Show how thankful students and families are for our work
    • Shows the impact of our work with regard to health and wellness, meal service and Essential Kids Care
    • Show different ways educators are teaching: Exercise videos, yoga videos, engaging ways to teach science, math, English, etc.
    • Show how we are engaging our English Learners in a new platform and distance learning environment
    • Show kindness, patience, ways we are working together to support learning, and the life lessons being taught along the way...
    • Partnerships and community engagement
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