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  • Hello Families,


    I hope you and your family are staying healthy and doing as well as can be expected during this time of quarantine. I also hope you and the family are adjusting to a new way of living and working from home, and have found some time to have fun during Spring break. It is important to remember to stay positive and continue to find joy and fun with your family during these uncertain times. Quality time spent with family is even more important to help children feel safe, happy, and reassured that your family will get through this.


    I wanted to just check in and make sure that everyone is ready for distance learning at home, which will begin next Monday, April 6th. I understand that this is/will be a learning curve for all of us and all we can do is do the best we can with it. I am definitely learning new ways to use technology and trying to be creative in how I will deliver instruction to your child. It is a new way of teaching and learning for all of us, so being flexible and patient with each other will be key in finding success with this.


    That being said, here are a few reminders about distance learning and some suggestions that may help make distance learning more successful. I will send more detailed information in other emails. 



    • Distance learning begins on Monday, April 6th and is considered a regular school day.




    • Asynchronous Distance Learning will be used.  Teachers and students will be interacting with learning activities in different places and at different times. Students can complete their work any time of the day that works best for a student and their family. 



    1.  Assignments for the day will be posted by 9:30 a.m. on Seesaw by me and the specialist teacher (Science for these next 2 weeks, then music, gym). Students should check the "Journal" section for messages from me and the "Activities" section for activities that need to be completed each day.


    1. We are following the regular school district calendar, so there is no school on Friday, April 10. However, this will be used as a student workday, with no contact with educators. Students may use this day to complete any school work that was assigned during the week. 



    •  Try to create a schedule for your child to follow throughout the day, which includes school work as well as scheduled breaks for meals, movement, play, and creativity. *I’m including a sample daily schedule for students who are at home with an adult during the day. Adapt it to whatever works best for your family. Have your child take breaks frequently (you know your child and how long your child can maintain his/her attention) and play outside as often as possible. 




    •  Create a home learning space for each child where school materials are handy and ready for use during work time: desk or table, comfortable chair, iPad, pencil, crayons, their yellow and green folders, their yellow math journal, their red notebook, and paper to write on.




    • Set aside time each day to help your child get set up for their school work activities and be available to help them for questions as well as to monitor their work. My goal is to send the daily schedule by email for the next day by 8 pm so you can go over it with your child to make it easier for them to work on it when you’re not available to help them. 




    • Be sure to check your emails daily for district, school, or teacher emails communications. This will help ensure you are staying up to date with school/learning            information. If I have something short to share, I will send a text using Remind.



    1. If you haven’t done it yet, please make sure to do the following by Sunday evening: 
      1. Fill the survey: https://forms.gle/r9ZNVZxtSUWRCNKo7 
      2. Get your child connected and familiar to these apps/websites by knowing how to get to them by themselves and by practicing using them: Clever, Epic, ST math, Je lis, Lalilo, SeeSaw, and IXL. 
      3. Make sure that your child knows how to do a screen recording with the audio (don’t forget to turn on the microphone). 



    • Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have!  



    Look for more emails from me with detailed information. I’m going to post all the important information shared on the school website so you can easily find it again if needed. I’m going to create a “Distance learning” page. To access it, go to our school website, https://www.spps.org/frenchimmersion, select “Classrooms,” then first grade, Rivard, and then distance learning. Here is the direct link to our classroom’s website: https://www.spps.org/Page/10095 


    Thanks so much for your involvement and support in your child's education. Working together now will be more important than ever!  Stay well and stay safe! 

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