Dulmarka Waxbarashada Durugsan (Distance Learning)

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    Initiating Distance Learning

    Week 1: The week of April 6 should be treated similar to the first week of school as it will be almost a month since SPPS students were in school and will be returning to school in a new learning environment. Recommended learning activities for the first week include:

    • Establishing and practicing rituals and routines
    • Making connections, checking in with students/families
    • Reviewing checklists, expectations, schedules, etc.
    • Practice using the technology tools available for learning

Dulmarka Waxbarashada Durugsan (Distance Learning)

  • Waxbarashada Online-ka ee Pre-Kindergarten iyo Waxbarashada Hore ee Ardayda Qaba Baahiyaha Gaarka ah loogu Talogalay

  • Waxbarashada Online-ka ee Fasallada K-5

  • Waxbarashada Online-ka ee Fasallada 6-8

  • Waxbarashada Online-ka ee Fasallada 9-12