Event Equipment

  • Event Equipment includes tables, chairs, risers, and stages to be used for school events.

    To submit a event equipment request form, please contact head engineer at your building; they will assist you with your request.

    District-Wide resources are available for school events. These are shared resources that should only be reserved for the actual event itself, and are not intended for practice.

     Usage guidelines for district-wide equipment items:

    • Only request the items that are actually needed for an event.
    • Items will be delivered a day prior to the event, and pickuped on the day after the event.
    • Items must be ready at the designated pickup area by 8:00 am on the planned day.
    • Event equipment should not be used for practice sessions.
    • Items are not building resources. They should be only used for the event needed and should not be used in other parts of the building.
    • Items are not to be used outdoors.

    Your cooperation improves the availability of these district-wide resources for everyone.

    Event recycling and trash containers:

    The portable "Event Recycling and Trash Package" includes:

    • 1 Recycling Transporter - holds all recycling equipment
    • 1 Trash Transporter - holds all trash equipment
    • 20 Recycling Billboard Signs - for recycling guidance and promotion.
    • 20 Recycling Lids and Frames
    • 20 Trash Lids and Frames
    • Specialized Recycling and Trash Bags
    • Easy, Set-Up Instructions

    Note: Quantities listed above for the "Event Recycling and Trash Package" cannot be changed.