Submit Your #SPPSinitTogether Distance Learning Story

  • Saint Paul Public Schools is compiling photos, videos and social media posts using the hashtag #SPPSinitTogether to highlight positive stories about SPPS Distance Learning.

    Stories submitted may be shared on social media and featured on our website -- and we need your help.

    When submitting a photo or video, please include a couple sentences or paragraphs about it, including the first name of student(s) and staff involved, the school they attend and any other details you’d like to share.

    These messages will offer a glimpse of what distance learning looks like for different educators and families.

    As you consider what you’d like us to share, please look for ideas that:

    • Are positive and heartwarming
    • Show what distance learning looks like from a student’s perspective
    • Show what distance learning looks like from a family member’s perspective
    • Show how staff are engaging with our students, families and community
    • Show lessons of kindness, patience and the life lessons being taught along the way

    Please know these submissions may be shared widely. We appreciate your support, understanding and flexibility as we continue to engage with SPPS Distance Learning.

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