Picture Day Info



    The school pictures have been completed for this school year, 2022-2023.

    This picture will be used for School Pictures, Yearbook, student ID's & it will be the picture that will appear in Campus/Schoology for Grades 9 - 12. 

     portrait image portrait image  

    Photos by lifetouch 

    • ALL students, ALL Grades will need to have their pictures taken at Harding
    • Retakes will be in the school year 2023-2024. Date TBD
    • Students MUST get their picture taken on one of these 2 days in order to be able to get an ID.
    • Hijabs are allowed and acceptable 
    • No hats, headbands, head gear of any kind
    • No hoodies worn up (on head)
    • No sunglasses
    • No props
    • Masks will be removed just for the picture and then students will put them back on immediately.
    • Social distance rules will apply during picture day
    • Student ID's can only be made once students have their school picture taken by Lifetouch.
    • Students are given only 1 (one) Free Student's ID a year if they have their picture taken that year.
    • If the student does NOT get their picture taken on one of these two above dates, NO ID can be made. (No exceptions Sorry) 
    • If a student's ID is stolen or lost, students can buy a replacement ID for $5.00 (cash) by stopping in room 1242. 

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns 

    Thank You So Much, 

    Teresa Holmes

    Email: teresa.holmes@spps.org