Guidelines Adopted by the Accounting Guidelines Committee

Topic and Date Short Description Related Bulletins (AGC Guidelines in L drive)
Breakfast time TA changes, 1/13/2012 Upon arrival at school paid aides are on classroom budget time. At dismissal when students are brought to buses aides are on bus time. In the L drive Accounting Guidelines folder
Compensatory Fund Uses, Fall 2006, revised 3/3/2008 Compensatory charges must be spent on students not meeting basic skills. Bulletin: Compensatory Education Budget; Compensatory Education Guidelines for Fiscal Year 2008-09
Cost Allocation Department Goods/Service, 7/24/2007 In conformance with UFARS direct charges whenever possible, chargebacks when necessary. In the L drive, Accounting Guidelines folder: Department direct or chargeback chart is included in the text of the Guideline. The Guideline includes a Cost Allocation decision flowchart addendum.
Federal Grant Equipment, 4/20/2009 Additional procedures for federal property review and general school property security procedures. In the L drive Accounting Guidelines folder (an accounting procedure)
FMS Transaction Description, 1/8/2008, revised 9/22/2011 Consistent use of batch names, of journal entry names, and of journal entry description references. In the L drive Accounting Guidelines folder (an accounting procedure)
Last Modified on March 10, 2020