Visit the Sewing Society at the Indian Education Office

2018 MN Indian Education Association Conference
  • Located at the American Indian Education Office the Sewing wing is open to students, parents, grandparents and community members that would be interested in learning how to sew or bead, share your knowledge or be inspired to create new projects! You may bring regalia to work on or materials for a new one. We are starting our 4th school year here and hope you can stop in, visit and share ideas! Calling ahead is encouraged.

    2019-2020 Winter Schedule

     Mondays            10 am - 8 pm

          Tuesdays            10 am - 1:30 pm

      Wednesdays        11 am - 6 pm

       Thursdays            10 am - 8 pm

      Fridays               10 am - 5 pm


    Dianna Johnson, Sewing Society Lead


    Office phone:  651-744-4219


    Please Use the Minnesota Street entrance to access our main office. After 4pm, call the office phone for door service. Please bring you parking ticket in the office so it can be validated. Validation is only good if you park in the Capital City Parking Ramp. The ramp is located on the same block as Creative Arts Secondary School. Ramp can also be accessed from the north on 4th Street. Be sure to call 651-744-4219 to be let in if buzzer is not answered.