Accommodation Request Process


    • Human Resources is notified of a possible accommodation related to a medical condition.  This notification can come directly from the employee or by either the supervisor or a HR representative. 
    • If medical documentation has accompanied the notification to HR and is sufficient, depending on the accommodation request an interactive ADA meeting may need to be scheduled.  This meeting would include the employee's direct supervisor and HR.  It may include a rehabilitation consultant if accommodation is due to a work related injury.  The time frame between the initial request and meeting is determined upon the coordination of schedules. 

    • If no medical documentation is provided, the ADA paperwork is sent to employee for completion by their doctor.  The paperwork includes a job description and physical demands, if available and a workability report. 

      Once the ADA paperwork is returned, an interactive meeting is arranged.  Return all documents to, Attn: ADA or fax to 651 665 0269 Attn: ADA.
    • After the interactive meeting, possible accommodations discussed are considered and researched to make a final determination.   
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