• Staff Checklist


    Checkbox Use the technology resources on this page to guide and plan for Fall Distance Learning.

    This page will continue to be updated and organized for key Distance Learning tutorials and technology support.

Step 1: Account Check

  • Wifi

  • Make Sure Your Active Directory Password is Current.

  • Forward Google Apps Email to Outlook

  • Sign in to Clever Portal

  • Sign in to your Schoology Account (3 - 12)

  • Sign in to your Seesaw Account (PreK - 3)

Step 2: Distance Learning Apps & Tools

  • Google Voice for Licensed Staff + EA's/TA's

  • Google Meet

  • Video Closed Captions

  • Review Core Apps Guides

Step 3: iPad Help & Tech Support

  • Troubleshooting Tips

  • iPad Help Resources

  • How to: Maximize Bandwidth

  • How to: Look up Student Accounts & Passwords

  • How to: Update Apps on your iPad