• CEC Resources 

    The CEC houses an extensive collection of artifacts, videos, CDs, books, learning trunks and professional resources available for check out by staff as well as assistance in how to use these above resources in the classroom. We now offer several online curricula and "Digital Suitcases" that are aligned to state social studeis standards. The CEC is also available for class visits focusing on a variety of topics.

    How To Check Out Materials:

    Please browse through the various subsections on the left of this website to learn more about what is available for check out. You can also search our catalog for individual items. Checking out materials is as easy as filling out this form.  Before you can check out CEC materials, please fill out our lending agreement first.


    By agreeing to our lending terms you are accepting the following responsibilities:

    Borrowing materials from the Center for Equity and Culture is a privilege. Many of the materials are unique and not readily replaceable. As a condition of borrowing materials, you agree that you are responsible for the materials. If any of the materials you borrow are lost or stolen, you agree that you are liable for the reasonable cost for its replacement. If any materials you borrow are damaged beyond normal wear and tear, you agree that you are liable for the reasonable cost of its repair or replacement. You may lose borrowing privileges if you fail to pay for the assessed cost of repair or replacement of materials or if materials are lost and stolen. Saint Paul Public Schools may take other action against you, as allowed by law, to recover the cost of repair or replacement.