Indigenous Peoples Resources

  • "Justice is reclaiming our humanity by reclaiming our sacred earth–that earth is our homeland." 

    Gabrielle Tateyuskanskan, Dakota artist and poet 

    Where do we live? What is the history of this place we call home? Learning about the indigenous people of this region, and teaching it to our students, is both a legal and ethical responsibility for Minnesota educators

CEC Digital Resources
    • Bdote Learning Experience The Bdote Learning Experience is a daylong field trip visiting sites in the Twin Cities that are culturally and historically significant to Dakota people. This absent narrative approach to local history is  based on the Bdote Memory Map. It is being offered to all SPPS fifth graders as part of the MN State Social Studies standard for US History, North America was populated by indigenous nations that had developed a wide range of social structures, political systems, and economic activities, and whose expansive trade networks extended across the continent. (Era: Before European Contact) Teachers are trained by taking the field trip, led by Dakota educators. Trips are held in the spring and fall. Priority is given to fifth grade teachers, but when space is available the trip is free and open to all SPPS staff and community members. For digital teaching resources and more information about the Bdote trip click HERE.



Other Resources
  • Indigenous Peoples Resources

    List of resources, programs and information that work toward interrupting the invisibility and stereotypes surrounding indigenouse people.

    Rethinking Thanksgiving: Digital Teaching Resources

    Use these resources to help your students understand the importance of gratitude, while interrupting the harmful narratives and stereotypes that often surround this holiday.

    Minnesota Department of Education: Office of American Indian Education Teaching and Learning Resources

    Comprehensive list of organizations, resources and look lists to help Minnesota teachers teach about indigenous peoples history and culture.

    Indigenous People’s Day Resources


    Oyate means “The People.” We are a Native American/American Indian advocacy and education organization that serves The People. We review children’s literature and advocate for Native Americans/American Indians to be portrayed with historical accuracy, cultural appropriateness and without anti-Indian bias and stereotypes. We teach others to do the same.  

    American Indians in Children’s Literature

    Established in 2006 by Dr. Debbie Reese of Nambé Pueblo, American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL) provides critical analysis of Indigenous peoples in children's and young adult books. Dr. Jean Mendoza joined AICL as a co-editor in 2016.

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