Student Attendance During Distance Learning

  • Campus Student During distance learning, it's more important than ever that students stay engaged in learning. This year, students and parents - working together - will keep track of student attendance, student participation and grades through Campus. 

    Taking Attendance

    A student or a student's parent or guardian should complete daily attendance once each school day. When completed, the once-daily attendance process will confirm attendance for all of a student's classes for that day.

    To take attendance, students should log into their Campus Student iPad app, located on their iPad home screen. Parents who are taking attendance for their student should use "Campus Parent" at

    Follow the instructions in this video to complete daily attendance:

    Video and Text Versions:

    Hmoob | Español | Karen | Soomaali

    Attendance Reminders

    • Support your student to check in daily by clicking "Yes, I'm here" in Campus to indicate attendance. 
    • Monitor your student's engagement in Distance Learning by checking for completion of assignments, completing asynchronous lessons (anytime), and attending synchronous sessions (same time).
    • Communicate with the teacher if you have questions about how to mark "Participated" in Campus for Attendance.
    • Call or email your school to report excused absences.
    • Contact the school office if you believe your attendance is incorrect.

    Please remember to login and complete the attendance procedure each school day to avoid unexcused absences. 

    Note that attendance can be completed up to 11:59 p.m. each day, but completing attendance by 6:30 p.m. will avoid a robocall about an unexcused absence. By completing attendance, students are agreeing to participate fully in distance learning for that day.