• Get Ready for Distance Learning 2.0 

    BEFORE Tuesday, September 8th

    1. Students should log into Campus Portal and view their class schedule.

    2. Practice logging into Schoology and Google meets.  Use the video tutorials below.

     Google Meet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aPD68CMORuypOYhryAjlKRiXNPKnTc5n/view

     Classes will be on Schoology starting Tuesday: https://www.spps.org/domain/12859

    3. For help with accessing accounts: https://www.spps.org/Page/39811

    4. For help with iPads and technology: https://www.spps.org/ipadhelp?fbclid=IwAR22UWtBXMuiUkoIKpmmsDuNDv6Gc_98VqLrY-6__7noRNsjc6uuggwLyIA

    ON Tuesday, September 8th 

    8:30-9:25  Log into Schoology and go to your advisory class. Look for instructions on how to join their google meet.

    9:30-12:05  Join your Advisory class in Google meet.  Remember to mute your mic when you join!  

    12:45-3:00  Explore the materials shared by your advisory teacher.  Explore all of your courses in Schoology. 


    Harding's Teacher of the Year, Anne Zielske, gives an overview and helpful reminders for the first day of DL2.0.


    For the first week of school we will follow this schedule below: