Long-Term Substitute Teachers

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the rate of pay for substitute teachers?

    The rate of pay is $110/day for short-call assignments and $125/day for long-term assignments. Long-term assignments are considered 15 or more continuous days in one sub assignment. The long-term assignment must be for the same teacher, teaching the same subject for 15 or more continuous days. In order to take a long-term sub assignment, you must also be appropriately licensed in that subject and grade level.

    Do long-term subs receive any sick leave?

    Long-term sub teachers shall earn 1 day of sick leave for each 20 days worked on a single assignment.

    Who should I contact about my Long-term Sub questions?

    You can call the main HR line and ask to speak to someone regarding your assignment. The number is 651-767-8200.