News for the Week

    Here's an update from the 5th grade class. As a class we have made some great gains on our math skills for the week. We have been working on one step division with remainders. On our pretest, 6% were proficient, on our post-test 94% were proficient!! We have also been working on subtraction over middle zeros which is always tough. Pretest was 0% proficient and post-test was 65%! The other math skill we have worked was plotting coordinate pairs on a graph. Pretest was 29% proficient and post-test was 76%! Great gains by the class. We have also started our pizza reading challenge. Students set a 'pages read' goal over 30 school days. The minimum goal is 800 pages! Some have set a goal of 1500 pages. We are also continuing with our bridge building project. Some groups are making very nice progress( and watching their bank accounts get smaller!!) We will continue with our bridge project boards and research papers. It will be fun to share them at conferences.
    Conferences are scheduled for March 23rd 2:30 - 6:00, March 25th 2:30 - 6:00, and March 26th 8:00am -12:00.
    We will again be doing them via google meet. It will be easiest if you use your child's iPad. The meet code again will be gjerde. Please look at the times and dates and send me an email about which times would work best for you. I am also available outside of these scheduled times and days so just let me know and we'll make something work.
    This is a great bunch of kids and we are adjusting to being back together , sharing space, and learning together. Thank you for all that you do at home to support the work at school.
    Stay safe and be well,
    Mr. G (Jon)