• Age 3

    Early Childhood Screening (ECS) is a program that helps you see how your child is developing before they enter Kindergarten.  ECS also helps find potential health and developmental concerns that may cause barriers to your child’s learning.  ECS connects you and your child to programs and resource to support healthy growth and development.  ECS is required by Minnesota law for all children before entering Kindergarten. 


    Is there a fee?  ECS is FREE to all children ages 3, 4, and 5-year olds.


    Why screen at 3?

    • To see how your child is growing and developing
    • More time to provide support if there are concerns
    • Connect you and your child to early education programs and resources
    • Get it all done and out of the way before Kindergarten


    What is the process?

    Call our office at 651-632-3746 to make an appointment for your child.  Or if you prefer, email our office at ECS@spps.org.


    Complete the forms needed for the screening.

    • Forms may be mailed to you or downloaded here.
    • Bring the completed forms to your child’s appointment or email the completed forms to student.wellness@spps.org.


    On the day of the appointment:

    • Bring your child
    • Bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport and immunization record
    • Plan for at least an hour for the screening
    • You may accompany your child throughout the screening
    • Your child will be screened in each of the areas below:

     height   weight   vision   hearing   development   social   speech

    • All results and your child’s health history and immunization will be reviewed at the end of the screening.


    Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) – ECS Video

  • Forms


    (please print and bring to the appointment)

    1. ECS Registration
    2. Health & Development
    3. MDE Language Survey
    4. MDE Race & Ethnicity


  • Location



    Student Placement Center

    2102 University Ave. W.

    St. Paul, MN 55114



    1526 Sixth St. E.

    St. Paul, MN 55106

  • !


    If Saint Paul Public Schools are closed due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, your appointment is automatically canceled.  ECS staff will contact you accordingly to notify you of the cancellation and reschedule for another day and time.