• Our Core Values


    Family: We believe it is our responsibility to create an environment where everyone feels valued unconditionally. Developing meaningful relationships is the key of what makes Humboldt a family. We strive to ensure support for our families, students, staff and community. 


    Equity: We believe that every student has the potential to be successful academically, socially, and intellectually. We strive to ensure equitable opportunities for all at Humboldt where students are empowered, everyone's voice matters, and everyone's individual culture is validated.


    IntegrityWe hold ourselves to the highest standards and believe in doing the right thing. We take responsibility for our actions to ensure high academic achievement for all. We believe this means we align and practice our values and actions.


    Communication: We promise to provide clear, concise, and consistent communication to our families, students, staff, and community that meets their needs.


    Collaboration We believe that we must work together in a respectful manner to meet the needs of our families, staff, students, and the community. We strive to engage in reciprocal relationships as we develop partnerships with our students, families, and community.