JIM VUE | Chair



    Jim Vue was selected to serve on the Board as an interim member in July 2020, and elected to serve in a special election on November 3, 2020.  He was then re-elected to serve in November 2021.

    He and his wife, Sai Thao, and their family live on the East Side of Saint Paul. Vue is a graduate of Metropolitan State University with a major in History and a Masters in Liberal Arts. They have been active in SPPS since 2010, and continue to be active and engaged parents and community members. As a past leader of the Hmong Parent Advisory Committee, Vue led a year-long commitment of engagement with students and parents, collaborated with district leaders, and crafted recommendations for District consideration. In addition to serving on the Board, Vue is also a facilitator with Being Hmong a program by the arts organization In Progress. As a board member, Vue aims to steer Saint Paul Public Schools to act as a vessel for racial justice and social change.


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2023 Committees

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    Equity Committee

    School Climate and Safety

    Tribal Consultation (TNEC)

    Joint Property Tax Advisory Committee

    Council of the Great City Schools

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