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Yongjin Jiang

My Name is Yongjin Jiang. You can call me Jiang LaoShi or Mr. Jiang. I teach math and science for 4th and 5th grades in JieMing Mandarin Immersion Academy. 

I came from Zhejiang, an east coastal province of China. Before moved to the twin cities in 2015, I was a physics professor at Zhejiang Normal University. From 2019, I became an adjunct professor at St. Catherine University. I have been a researcher in theoretical physics since I got my Ph.D. from Fudan University (Shanghai, China) in 2002. 

During the years of physics research career, I was always fascinated by the power and beauty of math. After many years of physics research and college teaching, a passion grows steadily inside me that one day I shall share my knowledge and excitements in math and science to younger generations. I believe that there are enjoyable and effective ways for the kids to learn, and that with a good education in their early years, their love in math and science will keep growing as they grow up, along with their related skills. Such growth can significantly benefit their future career. 

So, now, excitingly and proudly, I am here. My goal in Jieming is to work with my colleagues as well as the parents to foster in the young generation a curiosity to understand the world, a curiosity that can be evidenced by their habit to raise questions and to find or guess answers to those questions. I would also help grow a confidence in them to use math and computer programming as handy tools, and a tendency to communicate in an open and constructive manner. 

We have three daughters with age all under 10. My wife is a piano teacher. To my disappointment, currently my kids like piano more than they like math. I am making some plans to secretly win my kids back to my side. 

At my leisure time, my hobby is to play Ping-Pong, play Chinese Chess, sing, and meditate. I also like to learn games, invent games, and play games with my kids