• Academic Support and Enrichment Programs

    Flipside offers a balance of academic support and enrichment classes throughout the school year and summer.

    Academic Support

    Flipside partners with the SPPS Office of Digital & Alternative Education (DAE) and SPPS Freedom School to offer academic support classes in primarily math and reading.  Classes are intentionally designed to not feel like school by having smaller classes sizes, using hands-on learning methods and teaching through age appropriate relavent events and activities.  The following are a few examples of Academic Support programs that you may see on a program registration form.  Classes, clubs and activities change every year depending on the availability of staff.

  • Activities with a Math Emphasis

    Chess Club
    Coding Camp
    Drone Class
    Fashion Design
    Junior Achievement
    Karen Tutoring
    Lego League
    Magic the Gathering
    Math Games
    Math Team
    Renewable Energy Team
    Strategic Games
    Study Skills
    Tech & Tunes

  • Activities with a Literacy Emphasis

    Creative Writing
    Book Clubs
    Debate Team
    Drama Club
    Dungeons & Dragons
    ELL Academic Support
    Karen Tutoring
    Newspaper Club
    Student Council
    Study Skills
    Yearbook Club

  • DAE
    Freedom School