Information Literacy Standards

  • In 2007, the first Information and Technology Literacy Standards were embedded in Minnesota’s existing standards.  Since then, as each existing standard comes up for review, Information and Technology Literacy Standards are incorporated. The provision reads as follows: "The commissioner of education must revise and appropriately embed technology and information literacy standards consistent with recommendations from school media specialists into the state's academic standards and graduation requirements and implement a review cycle for state academic standards and related benchmarks, consistent with this subdivision."

    The documents below are the Information Literacy Standards proposed by MEMO (Minnesota Educational Media Association.)  They are used as the basis for developing the Information Literacy Standards which will eventually become part of the Minnesota Department of Education’s Academic Standards.

    2009 Standards Refresh K-2
    2009 Standards Refresh 3-5
    2009 Standards Refresh 6-8
    2009 Standards Refresh 9-12