Gordon Parks High School

  • Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    Website: spps.org/gordonparks

    • Students have flexible schedules, the opportunity to earn credits toward graduation and can participate in the work experience program.
    • We provide multiple opportunities for students to participate in community-based, multi-subject projects.
    • Each student prepares a college and career plan to navigate life after high school.
    • Students must be in grade 11 or 12 and at least 16 years old to enroll at Gordon Parks.
    • Students must attend an orientation before enrolling.
    • Current SPPS students must be referred by their high school counselor.
    • Students may be eligible to receive an unlimited Metro Transit bus card based on transportation guidelines.
    • Students must meet eligibility requirements.
  • Address: 1212 University Ave W.