• (SPPS site that provides information on the 125 clock hour credits teachers need to renew their Minnesota teaching license.  Save your clock hour credits until you have 125 and then send them in all at once to the SPPS Continuing Education Committee.  Effective January 1, 2007 all full-time teachers’ licenses must be renewed online, and not before January of the renewal year.  This does not include some administrative and support staff licenses.  Call 651-767-8223 for details.)

    Included in the 125 clock hour credits are six Minnesota State requirements that teachers must meet every five years:

    1.  This is the link to one of the six State requirements called "Reading: Comprehensive, scientifically based reading instruction." At the end you are asked if you need a clock hours certificate.  If you say yes, they're supposed to send you one, but the request doesn't always go through.  So just to be sure, also fax your documents to Lynn Scharffbillig at 651-744-1399 (as of 11/10).

    2 & 3.  View the video “Being Flexible” to meet the following two State requirements:

    • "Positive behavioral intervention strategies”
    • "Accommodation, modification and adaptation of curriculum, materials, and instruction to appropriately meet the needs of varied students in achieving graduation standards." 

    See Como’s Professional Development Committee for viewing information.

    4. You need to attend "Mental Illness: Understanding key warning signs," a workshop that is also a State requirement and is offered by district social workers.  Check PDExpress to see when a session is offered (it may be under Special Education), or check with a district social worker who might know of one.  Como’s social worker offers this periodically at Como.

    5. You need to participate in "Professional development activities that integrate technology with student learning to increase engagement and student achievement."  

    6. "Reflective Statement of Professional Accomplishment and Assessment of Professional Growth"

    **PLEASE NOTE:  At relicensure time when you send your PDExpress transcript to the district’s Recertification Committee, use a highlighter to highlight any of the above 4 state requirements if they appear on your transcript.  This will help flag them for committee members.

    Questions on clock hours?  Phone SPPS Human Resources at 651-767-8209 or the Minnesota Department of Education at 651-582-8691.



  (Main SPPS Lane Change site.  Check left column for categories.) (SPPS site that provides information on the 15 quarter credits you need in order to make a lane change and receive a pay increase.) (SPPS site that tells you how many college and in-service credits you have on file.  You need your employee ID number and your TALX pin number to view the record.)

    The following was sent to all SPPS staff in October of 2007:

    "All workshops and in-services held outside of the Center for Professional Development at 1001 Johnson Parkway must be pre-approved by the Center Professional Development (651-793-5466).  The Pre-approval of In-service Credit or College Credit Form must be filled out completely.  Send the form to the Center for Professional Development at least two weeks prior to the course start date.  If approved or denied, the form will be returned to you.

    Graduate level college courses, within your licensure area or in the field of education, do not need pre-approval.  

    When you have enough credits to make a lane change, fill out a Lane Change Form ( and attach the original certificate along with the signed Pre-Approval (if applicable) and/or official college transcript and submit it to Janine Cummins in Human Resources at 360 Colborne.  If you do not use a lane change form, you will not receive a confirmation of receipt notice; and you will need to check the website periodically to see if the credits have been entered.  

    Please submit only original certificates and/or official transcripts.  Copies are considered temporary documents and need to be replaced by original or official transcripts within three pay periods from the date the copies are turned in.  Please note:  Coursework received in official form subsequently in the work year shall be effective not more than three (3) pay periods after the date received in Human Resources.

    You are now able to look up your lane change credits that are on file in Human Resources on line at This website will also give you information on how to make a lane change and links to the forms you will need to make a lane change.

    If you have questions, please contact Janine Cummins by e-mail at or by telephone at 651-767-8231 or Jayne Meza by e-mail at or by telephone at 651-767-8199.

    Jayne Meza
    Saint Paul Public Schools Human Resources

    Questions on lane changes?  Phone 651-767-8231