Seesaw is a digital portfolio that allows students to complete activities and submit artifacts of their learning to share with their teacher and family.

    Saint Paul uses the Seesaw for Schools version which has extra features.


    In addition to the resources below, more resources are available at web.seesaw.me.

    The resources below are for reference only. If you need clock hour credits for licensure renewal, the following courses will be available in PowerSchool soon. Please check back for course codes.

    • SPPS PL: Seesaw 101
    • SPPS PL: Seesaw 201
    • SPPS PL: Seesaw 301
    • SPPS PL: Seesaw 401

  • Settings Seesaw 101 - Getting Started

  • Staff Login

  • Managing Your Class

  • Student Accounts

  • Creative Tools and Posting Options

  • Video And File Limits

  • Using Folders To Help Organize Student Work

  • How Students Switch Between Classes

  • Creating A Weekly Schedule

  • Pinning A Schedule Post To The Top Of The Journal Feed

  • Copying Weekly Schedule Post

  • Seesaw Help Center

  • Activities Seesaw 201 - Creating, Curating, and Editing Activities

  • Where To Find Seesaw Activities

  • How To Edit An Activity

  • Seesaw Icon Shortcuts

  • How To Assign Activities

  • How To Review And Approve Activities

  • Creative Tools And Student Experience

  • How To Share Activities With Other Teachers

  • Submitting A Keynote File To Seesaw On The iPad

  • Submitting A Clips Video To Seesaw On The iPad

  • Submitting A Photo On The iPad To Seesaw

  • Announcements Seesaw 301 - Connecting Families and Sending Announcements

  • Sending Announcements and Messages

  • Inviting Families

  • Family App Tour

  • Family App Translation Tools

  • Skills Seesaw 401  - Tracking Progress With Skills

  • Skills View

  • multiage Seesaw Multiage Classrooms

  • Navigating Between Seesaw Classes

  • Where Are All Of The Activities That I Made?

  • Customizing Student Display Names In Seesaw

  • Copying Seesaw Activities From The School And District Libraries

  • Assigning Activities To All Or Selected Students In Seesaw

  • Reviewing Student Work And Marking Skill Proficiency In Multiage Classes