Language Immersion Programs

  • The goal of dual language/immersion programs is for students to achieve academic success in all content areas while also becoming bilingual, biliterate and bicultural. Students who wish to join a dual language/immersion program (grade 2 and above) must  demonstrate grade-level proficiency in the partner language with an assessment or by other means.

    Dual Language/Immersion students will: 

    • Gain skills and knowledge in the core content areas of reading, writing, math and science through instruction in another language 
    • Understand, speak, read and write in another language 
    • Develop positive attitudes about people who speak another language and come from other cultures

    In immersion programs, students receive academic instruction primarily in the target language to become proficient in that language. Immersion programs are offered in French, Mandarin and Spanish.

    In dual language programs, students who speak English or the other  language learn together. Academic subjects are taught in both languages. Dual language programs are offered in Hmong and Spanish.

    For more information, visit or call 651-744-3418.

French Immersion

German Immersion

  • Students are taught in German to become proficient in reading, writing and communicating in the German language and culture. District Magnet: Provides transportation to students who live in Areas A-F1/F2.

    Elementary School:


    Middle School:


    High School:

    Central Senior (9-12) 

Hmong/English Dual Language

Chinese-Mandarin Immersion

Spanish/English Dual Language

Spanish Immersion