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    The counseling groups and classroom lessons are modes of delivering program goals and objectives through culturally-responsive curriculum (in-person learning only).  High schools with five or more Indian Education students will receive the lessons through group sessions.  High schools with Braided Journeys Programs have the option to receive the lessons through their American Indian AVID class or Braided Journeys advisory time.  


    The curriculum infuses culture to address ASCA standards and the World's Best Workforce goals.  The following curriculum is taught on a rotating basis:

    • (Year 1; Semester 1) Walking towards Graduation - This curriculum uses culture as a support towards school success and graduation.  Students create their own pair of leather moccasins as guided through the lessons.  Their moccasins are a physical reminder that they are supported as they walk towards graduation.  College awareness elements and/or college visits will also be added to supplement the curriculum. 


    • (Year 1; Semester 2) Catching a Dream - This curriculum uses culture as a foundation to career investigation and planning.  Students create their own dream catcher as guided by the lessons.  College visits and/or American Indian career professionals will also be added to supplement the curriculum.


    • (Year 2; Semester 1) Native Pathway to College - This curriculum uses culture to identify colleges/post-high school options that matches students' path for after high school.  Students create their own cultural art piece as guided by the lessons.  College visits and/or college representative visits will also be added to supplement the curriculum.


    • (Year 2; Semester 2) Walking in Balance - This curriculum uses culture as medicine for Social and Emotional Learning (an SPPS Strategic Plan Initiative).  Students will learn strategies to support their well-being in the areas of mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical.  Activities will vary; however, field trips, special speakers, and opportunities will be added to supplement the curriculum.
  • Our counseling groups and activities focus on one or more of the directions of the Medicine Wheel: spiritual, emotional, physical, and/or mental.  We exercise culture, play, and learning as a group.  Past activities include college visits, field trips, Indigenous Yoga, cooking with Dream of Wild Health, beading, special speakers, Twin Cities Native Lacrosse demostration, regalia making, and more.  The picture below capture just some of these experiences.