• Family Update- Week of February 1-5, 2021

    Dear Farnsworth Aerospace PreK-4 Family:

    We are excited to welcome students back to school beginning Monday, February 1. Our Farnsworth Aerospace PreK-4 team has worked hard this past week!  I am so proud to be a part of this community. We are ready to welcome PreK-2 students into the building on Monday.  Grades 3-4 will participate in distance learning with their teachers until their return on Tuesday, February 16.  Our Virtual Learning School classes all begin on Monday February 1st. Class Meeting times will be at 10:00AM and 1:00PM.  Look for communication from teachers about your child’s new schedule. Throughout this week staff have reviewed plans.  As we went through building tours we adjusted and added to our plans to ensure safety.  We know that we will continue to adjust as needed.


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    Actualización para la familia: Semana del 1 de febrero

    Saludo familias de Farnsworth Aerospace PreK-4:

    Estamos muy contentos de dar la bienvenida a los estudiantes a la escuela a partir del lunes 1 de febrero. ¡Nuestro equipo de Farnsworth Aerospace PreK-4  trabajó duro la semana pasada! Estoy muy orgulloso de ser parte de esta comunidad. Estamos listos para recibir a los estudiantes de PreK-2 en el edificio el lunes. Los grados 3-4 participarán en el aprendizaje a distancia con sus maestros hasta su regreso el martes 16 de febrero. Nuestras clases de la Escuela Virtual de Aprendizaje comienzan el lunes 1 de febrero. Los horarios de las clases virtuales serán a las 10:00 a.m. y a la 1:00 p.m. Busque la comunicación de los maestros sobre el nuevo horario de su hijo. A lo largo de esta semana, el personal va a estar revisando los planes. A medida que realizamos los recorridos por el edificio, ajustaremos nuestros planes para garantizar la seguridad. Sabemos que debemos continuar modificando hasta que sea necesario.


    Some of our school’s safety precautions:

    • PPE provided for staff and students
    • Masks are required at all times, including recess.
      • We have disposable and cloth masks for all students.  You can send your child with extra masks if you choose as we will encourage children to change their masks throughout the day.
      • Students will have lanyards to use to hold masks so they are not lost when eating.
    • Teaching hand washing repeatedly.  Hand sanitizer will be used when hand washing is not possible.
    • Maintaining in person classes at smaller class size to better enable social distancing. All classroom furniture has been set up for 3 feet of social distancing between students.
    • Students have a personal card to swipe lunch pins rather than inputting pins.  
    • For classes eating lunch in the cafeteria, there will be assigned spots that are distanced from each other.
    • Tabletop dividers are on site for staff to use between themselves and students for times with distancing is not as available
    • Hallways have direction arrows and stairways are one way.
    • An additional custodial team member joined our team to support increased spot disinfection during the day of high traffic areas.
    • Electrostatic spraying every day outside of school hours to disinfect classrooms.
    • There is a dedicated Isolation Room attached to the Health office for students that may exhibit COVID symptoms 


    It’s important that our whole community takes the risks of COVID seriously.  It is possible that a class, school or district would return to Distance Learning if there was a COVID outbreak.  When a close contact or confirmed case happens, our health team will work through the COVID Decision Tree and make communications to families as needed. A reminder that visitors and volunteers will not be allowed in the building at this time. 


    Please contact Farnsworth Aerospace PreK-4 with any questions that you have about Virtual Learning School or In-Person Learning. We appreciate your support and look forward to a time when we can all gather together again.


    In this together,


    John Bjoraker






    Back to School Timeline at Farnsworth Aerospace PreK-4

    • February 1: PreK-2 begin full-time in-person learning. All Virtual Learning School students will also start on February 1, including grades 3-4
    • February 16: Students in grades 3-4 begin full-time in-person learning


    Students that will be attending in-person school on Monday February 1 must remember to bring three following items: mask, water bottle, and iPad.   


    Changes to Family Access at School

    Students must be dropped off outside school building entrances. Students cannot be escorted by family members to their classrooms or anywhere else inside the building. In addition, families will not be allowed to have lunch, observe a class, volunteer, or engage in any other activities in school buildings.



    Please look for a postcard in the mail next week with bus route information. Students will have assigned seats on buses to ensure spacing and assist with contact tracing. Face coverings are required for all K-12 students and bus drivers.


    Health Screening

    Families should conduct a health screening every morning before sending their student to school or the bus stop. School staff will also monitor for symptoms throughout the school day. If your child is exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, do not send them to school. Please report the absence and submit a report to the COVID-19 Reporting System as soon as possible.


    COVID-19 Communications Protocol

    SPPS works closely with the Minnesota Department of Health to determine action steps for a reported case of COVID-19. Notifications will be sent when action needs to be taken.


    Isolating Sick Students

    Students who become sick during the school day will be isolated (under supervision) until they can be picked up. It is important that sick students are picked up as soon as possible to limit the risk to other students and staff. Add any information you’d like to communicate here. 


    Contact Tracing

    SPPS follows the Minnesota Department of Health Decision Tree every time a student, staff member or visitor submits a report to the COVID-19 Reporting System. In general, only close contacts will be notified with action steps. If multiple cases are reported within a classroom or building, the whole class or school may be quarantined. Quarantined students and staff will shift to distance learning until they are cleared to return.


    COVID-19 Dashboard

    The SPPS COVID-19 dashboard displays all test results, symptoms and close contacts that have been reported by SPPS staff and students using the COVID-19 Reporting System. Data are updated daily on a one-day lag.


    Curbside Meal Pick Up at Farnsworth Aerospace PreK-4

    Families who have students enrolled in Virtual Learning School can pick up curbside meals every Thursday between 10:00-11:00AM beginning February 18th.   Please go to the Mendota Door side of the building to get the meals.