Time Sheets & Forms

  • NEW: An e-Timesheet will temporarily replace the paper "standard timesheet" and "multi-building timesheet" while staff work remotely due to COVID-19. E-timesheets are due weekly, EACH FRIDAY.

    Employees should check with their supervisor to see if they should be completing the e-timesheet, will have their hours reported on a building register, or continue with a paper time sheet.  

    • The e-timesheet is available through PeopleSoft Self Service
    • Step-by-step instructions are available on the Employee Help Sheets page of the payroll website.
    • Click HERE for a video tutorial for using the e-timesheet


    Click HERE to access the dedicated e-Timesheet Information Page 


    Every manager (authorized time sheet signer) should have a designated back-up to sign timesheets when the manager is out. In order to make sure timesheets are received by the due dates, an alternate signer should be identified ahead of time so time sheets are never delayed by a manager's absence. Authorized signers and designated backups should have their signature on file in the payroll office. (Contact payroll for an authorized signer form)


    Supplemental Pay - TEACHERS   --  For teachers working beyond their regularly scheduled day.  NOTE:  Teachers should use the supplemental pay e-form in Self Service for common types of extra pay such as loss of prep, workshop pay, curriculum writing and staff development.  This paper form is only for supplemental pay not available on the e-form.   Instructions for the e-form are available here.

    Supplemental Pay - NON Teachers   --  For non-teachers working beyond their regular job

    Time Sheet - Standard   --  For non-teaching staff who report to one supervisor (USE NEW e-timesheet)

    Time Sheet - Multiple Bldg   --  For employees who work at multiple buildings reporting to multiple principals (USE NEW e-timesheet)

    Time Sheet - Punch Hours   --  For custodial and security staff (continue to use paper timesheets during COVID-19 shutdown)

    Time Sheet - Trades  -- For trades workers (continue to use paper timesheets during COVID-19 shutdown)

    Time Sheet - Tri Council -- For Tri Council union employees only (continue to use paper timesheets during COVID-19 shutdown)

    Building Time Register   --  To be used by building clerks to report teacher absences at their building.

    Time Sheet Adjustment Form   --  For managers and clerks to report timesheet adjustments for employees after original timesheets have been sent in


    2020-21 DAE Time Sheet -- (EDL and S-Term)

    2019-20 ESY Time Sheet  - (Special Ed Summer School only)

    2019-20 ABE-ECFE-PreK Time Sheet (Summer school only)


    It is the employee's responsibility to review their paychecks to ensure they have been paid for their hours worked.  Supplemental pay often takes longer to process than regular pay because it requires additional levels of approval and/or needs to be routed for a budget code to be charged.