12th Grade Planning Guide

  • We strongly recommend students and families work on learning about the courses Central has to offer during the 2022-2023 school year and gather questions to ask their current teachers and counselors. There are new courses being offered!

    You can start thinking about the classes you want to take and read course descriptions in the Central Course Guide for 2022-2023. As you start to know more about what courses you want to take, you can use the 12th Grade Course Request Worksheet to make sure you have enough courses, enough credits and alternative courses. 

    The Central Senior High School Counseling Department has developed the Scheduling Policy to ensure all students have equal access to Central courses.  This policy ensures counselors and other staff provide students with required and elective courses, along with participating in specialty programs (IB, Career Pathways, PSEO, etc.). The year-long schedule is built around the courses requested last spring by students, therefore it can be difficult to change a student’s schedule once it has been created. 

    Our goal is for students and families to be confident with the courses they want to take, so there is a smoother transition in September by being in the classes students are interested in. You can view the entire Central Schedule Change Policy here.

  • Required Courses

    Find all course numbers and descriptions in the Course Guide 2022-2023.


    Choose One:

    • English 12
    • Quest English 12
    • AP English Literature & Composition 12
    • IB DP English A: Literature 12 HL
    • CIS Introduction to Literature, Poetry, Drama, Narriative (Semester 1) AND CIS College Writing and Critical Reading (Semester 2)
      **Contact your English Teacher if you would like to take the CIS classes**


    Social Studies

    Choose One OPTION:

    Option #1 - choose a class from each bullet below

    • Economics OR AP Macroeconomics (Semester 1)
    • US Government OR AP US Government (Semester 2)

    Option #2 - choose one of the following if you have taken AP US History OR IB History of the Americas

    • IB DP History: Twentieth Century Topics 12 SL/HL (full year)
    • IB DP Philosophy (full year)
    • IB DP Economics (full year)



    It is recommended you take 4-full years of science and math if you plan on going to college after high school, but it is not a requirement to graduate from Central. Math and Science options are available in the Course Guide 2022-2023.Talk with your teacher or counselor if you have any questions.



    The remainder of your schedule will be filled with elective classes. Although your options are limited as a 9th grader for electives, as you move through high school, more will be available to you. Elective courses that are available to you include, but not limited to: World Languages, Immersion, Arts, AVID, Career & Technology, Science, Math, Physical Education, Science Electives, Social Studies Electives and English Electives.


Counselor Contact

  • Contact List

    Counselor Assigned by Student's Last Name

    Ms. Mai Sue Lee (she/her)
    9-11th grade
    students with last names A-CAR
    CLASS 2023 -
    students with last names A-CAR
    Goggle Voice/Text: 612-217-2070
    email: maisue.lee@spps.org

    Schedule a meeting with Ms. Lee online!

    Ms. Wendy Eidem (she/her)
    9-11th grade students with last names CAS-GAT
    CLASS 2023 - students with last names CAS-D and I-J
    email: wendy.eidem@spps.org
    Goggle Voice/Text: 651-419-1980
    phone: 651-744-4029

    Schedule a meeting with Ms. Eidem online! - Beginning August 25

    Ms. Kathleen Karp (she/her)
    9-11th grade students with last names GAU-KAM
    CLASS 2023 - students with last names E-H
    email: kathleen.karp@spps.org
    phone: 651-744-4916

    Ms. Ashley Welke (she/her)
    9-11th grade students with last names KAN-MOG
    CLASS 2023 - students with last names K-MIT

    email: ashley.welke@spps.org
    Goggle Voice/Text: 612-548-4485

    phone: 651-744-6014
    Schedule a meeting with Ms. Welke online!

    Mr. Michael Biermaier (he/him)
    9-11th grade students with last names MOH-ROA
    CLASS 2023 - students with last names MIU-ROA
    email: michael.biermaier@spps.org
    phone: 651-744-3739
    Schedule a meeting with Mr. Biermaier online!

    Ms. Heidi Elliott (she/her)
    9-11th grade students with last names ROB-TRAP
    CLASS 2023 - students with last names ROB-TRAP
    email: heidi.elliott@spps.org
    phone: TBD

    Mx. Micha Langenberg (they/them)
    "Mx. is pronounced "Mix"
    9-11th grade students with last names TRAQ-Z
    CLASS 2023 - students with last names TRAQ-Z
    email: micha.langenberg@spps.org
    Goggle Voice/Text: 612-548-4315
    phone: 651-744-3946