Tax Information

  • You can now enter your federal and state withholding elections on-line through Employee Self Service!  Also, year end w-2 forms are available through self service as well!.  Employees can check out the help sheet below that will assist in understanding w-2 information. 

    Income tax withholding from regular paychecks is based on the W-4 filled out by the employee.  We will use the same withholding allowance election for both federal and state unless you complete a separate W-4MN form for state withholding.  A W-4MN form is required for state withholding when an employee is claiming exempt, or when claiming more than 10 MN withholding allowances.  We accept withholding changes at any time during the year, with a new withholding election form completed each time.  Your election remains in effect until you change it (unless you are claiming exempt status.) 

    Any employee that claims exempt status on their W-4 form, must complete a new w-4 form in January of each year per IRS regulations, because exempt status is only valid for 1 year before it expires.  If a new W4 form is not received by the time the old one expires, Payroll is required to change withholding to single w/ zero allowances.  In addition the employee should complete a W-4MN form.

    All retro pay and certain types of supplemental pay are subject to a mandatory 22% federal withholding and 6.25% state withholding in addition to the regular FICA and Medicare deductions. 

    Social Security (FICA) deductions for 2019 are at a rate of 6.2% with a salary maximum of $132,900 and Medicare deductions are at a rate of 1.45% (no maximum). 

     (Tax withholding election forms and documentation are below.  The payroll staff cannot provide recommendations for withholding or other tax advice.  Please consult your tax advisor if you have questions about how much tax to withhold.)

    Understanding your W-2   --  Help sheet designed to make your W-2 easier to understand
    2019 W-4 Tax Withholding Election Form  (send ONLY page 1 of this form to payroll)
    Helpsheet for W-4 (federal)   -- How to correctly complete the W-4 form.
    2019 IRS Publication 15   --  Includes federal tax tables 
    2019 MN State W-4 form  --  For MN withholding when not the same as Federal
    Helpsheet for W-4MN (state)   --  How to correctly complete the W-4MN form