Grading Update

  • Overview

    Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) is working to find solutions to better support high school students to make academic progress in the aftermath of COVID-19.

    One area of focus is aligning grading practices across all high schools. Currently, grading practices in SPPS high schools are inconsistent and use different grading scales. In addition, grades record the average of assessments and not always the student’s best work.

    This proposal will make school more motivating, equitable, and set clear expectations for students. Work has been done in the past to address the inconsistencies in grading practices across the district, however, more work is needed to align grading practices at every high school.

    The secondary workgroup is proposing a consistent approach to grading across all coursework that appears on a student’s transcript that: 

    • Clearly communicates the course grading expectations so that students know what is required, what the learning goals are and are able to work with educators to meet their goals 
    • Report grades based on state standards and benchmarks 


    The Details 

    This grading proposal will ensure that all grading is based on student competencies and is aligned across all SPPS high schools. 

    Additional features of the revised grading practice include:

    • Grades are connected to learning targets; not a mixture of attendance, behavior, extra credit, etc.
    • Rubrics will be used to measure proficiency. Rubrics are scoring tools that clearly describe the teacher's expectations to measure proficiency.
    • Grades (A-D (passing grades) and NP (not passing grade)) will continue to be used to report overall grades to communicate student progress to families, colleges and other stakeholders.
    • Grades aligned to state standards and benchmarks will allow credit recovery to focus on the standards that students did not meet  - and not require students to retake the entire course.