Aligned Schedules for High Schools

  • Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) is working to better support high school students in the aftermath of COVID-19. One area of focus is implementing an aligned schedule at all SPPS high schools.

    Alignment of our high school schedules allows for:

    • Improved systems for consistent experiences for student mobility/transferring schools
    • Consistent number of credits required for graduation
    • More effective districtwide support from departments
    • Supports SPPS Achieves and Career Pathways

    The A/B block schedule (8/2) allows for:

    • Increased course opportunities for students
    • Districtwide online courses offered to all students during first hour (1A and 1B)
    • Students will have four classes each day - fewer transitions daily
    • Classes of approximately 80 minutes give more time for learning and using culturally responsive teaching practices
    • An advisory class which supports students' social emotional learning (SEL)


2022-23 A/B Day Calendar

Block Schedule Visual for Students and Families

  • Student Schedule (Generic)

  • Schools adopting/continuing this schedule:

    (School hours 8:30-3 p.m.)

    • Central High School*
    • Como Park Senior High School
    • Creative Arts (6-12)
    • Harding High School
    • Highland Park High School
    • Highland Park Middle
    • Humboldt (6-12)
    • Johnson High School
    • Open World Learning (6-12)
    • Washington Technology (6-12)

ICCR Block Lesson Models

Districtwide Virtual Courses

  • A benefit of our new aligned high school schedule is that we are able to offer districtwide virtual courses (DVC).

    Virtual courses allow students in every high school to take classes that were previously only available in certain schools. In these synchronous classes, students log in from their school and work collaboratively with an SPPS teacher and other students from across the district. 

    Virtual classes are only offered 1A and 1B, students will continue to engage in traditional classes for the rest of their school day.

    2022-23 Districtwide Virtual Courses

    Japanese 1

    Hmong 1

    Ojibwe 1

    Intro to App Development

    Drone Flight Training


    Why are districtwide virtual courses available? 

    • Our goal is that every student has equitable access to courses offered at SPPS high schools.

    Do I need any special equipment for a virtual class?

    • Log into class on your SPPS iPad - Schoology and Google Meet.

    • Space in your school will be provided during class time.

    Where do I get more information?

    • Contact your school counselor for registration information.

    • Contact Phil Wacker in the Office of Teaching and Learning ( with any questions.

  • Glossary of Terms

    • Advisory: A regularly scheduled period of time during the school day for teachers and students to connect to strengthen the school community and social-emotional learning (SEL).
    • Aligned Periods: Class periods that begin and end at the same time across high schools for the purpose of having supplemental courses available to all high school students.
    • Block Schedule: A schedule where students have fewer classes a day for longer time periods. In an 8/2 block schedule, students have eight classes each quarter but only four meet each day and they rotate every other day.
    • Districtwide online course: An online course taught at an SPPS high school that students at all SPPS high schools can access on an aligned schedule.
    • Term Continuity: Year-long classes meet for all terms in a school year with no gap in between terms.