Aligned Schedules Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Last updated 12/27/21

    How many preps will a teacher have to teach?

    Teachers will teach a total of 6 periods over 2 days. The number of preps will depend on the school/teacher.

    Will teachers still have PLC? How often?

    Yes, teachers will have PLC. The model is to meet in PLC every other day. The frequency may be particular to school concerns.

    Will this change reduce class sizes?

    This depends on school and content area.

    How will teachers be supported in making this adjustment?

    PD will be offered to teachers during their PLC times at each school during winter and spring of 2022, and also during fall 2022. Summer curriculum writing and synchronous PD will be available. Additional PD will be offered by OTL content leads during the 2022 calendar year.

    How will students be able to sustain attention for 79 minutes?

    PD will be offered to support redesigning instruction so that there are shifts every 20-25 minutes, CRI embedded, and awareness of student learning best practices.

    How will math be taught? Having math every other day is not optimal.

    As in other content areas, a shift in teaching practices should involve shifting activities within the block of time. Schools can make decisions to facilitate more support for math in their schedules.

    Will Advisory carry a credit?

    It is an option to assign elective credit for Advisory.

    Will there be a curriculum from the district for Advisory?

    There will be a menu of options provided by OSS, OCCR and OTL, but each school will continue to carry out Advisory in a way that meets the needs of the school community. A work group from the OTL high school vertical team will support Advisory.

    Will there be additional school duties for teachers in this schedule?

    Teachers will have prep one day, and prep/PLC the other day.

    How will Career Pathways be part of this?

    Career Pathways will continue to be developed. The availability of an additional class period each quarter may be beneficial in this area.

    Will we be able to adjust around the edges? Longer lunch, shorter Advisory period?

    After the anchored Periods 1& 5, bell schedules within each school are flexible.

    Will we be also raising the number of credits?

    Credits required for graduation will be 86 at all schools. Required classes for juniors and seniors, along with supported electives, will fill their schedules.

    Do we have the capacity to do this well?

    PD will be offered to teachers to redesign instruction for the block schedule, and for schedulers to address the work of creating a master schedule. ARP funding is available to support this work.

    How many release periods will students be able to have?

    Students will be offered full schedules, and counselors will work with them to manage their credits and academic loads.

    What will the deadline for submitting a new elective be?

    February 1, 2022

    What about middle schools (6-8 grade buildings)?

    Middle schools are continuing with their current schedules, with exception of the 6-8 middle schools connected with 9-12 high schools.